About Us

Raised with a magical curiosity of the Minoan civilisation, Aliki was attracted to the ancient artefacts which were the instigators of so many of today’s jewellery designs. This fascination and inquisitive nature for the undiscovered, combined with a strong European cultural background and a family line that thrived on creativity and opportunity makes Aliki’s range, an eclectic, unique and truly awe-inspiring range of designs, previously unexplored by the Australian jewellery market.

Growing up in Melbourne and often returning to her birthplace in Crete, gave an overwhelming sense of belonging and desire to not only discover new creations but inspire her to design jewellery that captured Aliki’s need to bring Crete to the fingertips of all.

The desire to travel and explore new worlds allowed her to ethically source pieces from some of the most majestic places around Europe and the far east. Created from a place of love, beauty has no country and this range now transcends people from all walks of life, from every corner of the world. 

This range is for all to behold.


Aliki Jewellery est. 2005

Enhancing the natural beauty of our customers with exquisite pieces from our extensive internationally sourced range, which is continually evolving to the changing emotions of our times.