Moirai ring

Moirai ring

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Moirai' the three twines ring in 9k Gold was a design prevalent in ancient Greece and Rome. 18 mm Size 8.

Special orders for other sizes (6,7,8&9) contact us and allow minimum one week.

In Ancient Greek religion and mythology the symbolism of the three twines, the Moirai also spelled Moirae or Mœræ, were the incarnations of destiny, their Roman equivalent was the Parcae (euphemistically the "sparing ones").

Their number became fixed at three: Clotho ("spinner"), Lachesis("allotter") and Atropos ("the unturnable").

The role of the Moirai was to ensure that every being, mortal and divine, lived out their destiny as it was assigned to them by the laws of the universe. For mortals, this destiny spanned their entire lives and was represented as a thread spun from a spindle. Generally, they were considered to be above even the gods in their role as enforcers of fate, although in some representations Zeus, the chief of the gods, is able to command them.