Lemon quartz faceted Ring

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This stunning oval cut lemon quartz Ring is set on a 30x25mm semi precious stone.

925 sterling silver. Size 7.5

Citrine (Lemon Quartz)has been used ornamentally for thousands of years. In fact, in Ancient Greece, the stone was used as a decorative gem during the Hellenistic Age between 300 and 150 B.C. Whether citrine is your birthstone, November, or simply a beautiful gemstone in your collection, it’s interesting to note that citrine is said to radiate positive energy and is known as the “success stone.”

The ancient Egyptians believed the colour of the Citrine stone came from the light cast by 'Ra,' the ancient Egyptian god of the sun. The Egyptians also associated the Citrine stone with the war goddess Sekhmet as a symbol for sheer power.